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Webinar | Video | 5 Myths About Contract Management - Fake News!
Webinar | Video | 5 Myths About Contract Management - Fake News!

Webinar Video | 16 min   Q&A Session Video | 13 min  

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Webinar | Highlights (9 min) | Smarter, Faster Contracting in Oil and Gas Industry?

Join our experts Jerris Johnson of Lontra Energy and Peter Thomson of ContractRoom to learn how Oil & Gas companies have simplified their contracting process and improved cycle...

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Webinar | Highlights (6 min) | What If Your Contracts Could Talk?

Hidden inside your contracts are dates, obligations, exclusivity terms, payments, insurance requirements and termination provisions just to name a few. But your contracts can't...

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Webinar | On-Demand | Getting Users to Love Your Contract Management System

On-Demand Webinar! According to the “IACCM Automation Report”, user adoption of a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution is a huge challenge for 50% of respondents. Can you...

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On-Demand Webinar: The Dangers of "Good Enough" Contract Management

  You’ve got a “good enough” Contract Management solution, but in today’s fast paced, competitive world is “good enough” going to cut it? Are you getting the functionality,...

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Webinar (via IACCM) | Highlights (12 min) | 5 Reasons Companies are Ditching their Contract Management System

from TD Bank, UnitedLex, ContractRoom and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to learn:   Answers to user adoption issues facing most organizations How leading organizations  align...

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On-Demand IACCM Webinar: 5 Reasons Companies Are Ditching Their Contract Management System

On-Demand Webinar! Duration: 1 hour Contracting professionals are frustrated with failed contract management  implementations or systems that cannot keep pace with the growth and...

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On-Demand Webinar: Accelerate Oil & Gas Deal Productivity with Next-Gen Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Oil and Gas agreements frequently involve multiple parties, the negotiation of complex provisions, and numerous compliance issues.

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