Webinar | 3 Pitfalls That Cripple Contract Value

by ContractRoom 3 min read

Creating a static contract repository or deploying a limited Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution does not solve three crippling problems associated with managing contracts. Pitfalls that broaden risk and increase costs will undoubtedly jeopardize your profits.

Join the first in a series of educational webinars to help better understand these three pitfalls which can defeat your contract management efforts:

  1. Not having a complete view into all your contracts - particularly legacy and third-party
  2. Difficulty in managing obligations - frequently hidden in agreements
  3. Finding relevant clauses - when the business demands fast and accurate responses

During the series, we’ll explore why these pitfalls cripple contract management, how to properly assess your own contracting operation and steps to maximize your protection and profits.




Siva Pullabhotla
CTO & VP of Data, AI & ML


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Peter Thomson



Webinar | 3 Pitfalls That Cripple Contract Value (38 min.)

Webinar - 3 Pitfalls Crippling Contract Value (38 min)


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