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Close More Sales Contracts in 2021 (3 short videos)

Presentation and discussion with panel of sales and legal experts. 2020 was very challenging year for sales teams. Deals were slowed or deferred.  The sales function has had to...

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Webinar | Video | 5 Myths About Contract Management - Fake News!
Webinar | Video | 5 Myths About Contract Management - Fake News!

Webinar Video | 16 min   Q&A Session Video | 13 min  

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Webinar | Highlights (9 min) | Smarter, Faster Contracting in Oil and Gas Industry?

Join our experts Jerris Johnson of Lontra Energy and Peter Thomson of ContractRoom to learn how Oil & Gas companies have simplified their contracting process and improved cycle...

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Webinar | Highlights (6 min) | What If Your Contracts Could Talk?

Hidden inside your contracts are dates, obligations, exclusivity terms, payments, insurance requirements and termination provisions just to name a few. But your contracts can't...

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Webinar | On-Demand | Getting Users to Love Your Contract Management System

On-Demand Webinar! According to the “IACCM Automation Report”, user adoption of a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution is a huge challenge for 50% of respondents. Can you...

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On-Demand Webinar: The Dangers of "Good Enough" Contract Management

  You’ve got a “good enough” Contract Management solution, but in today’s fast paced, competitive world is “good enough” going to cut it? Are you getting the functionality,...

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Webinar (via IACCM) | Highlights (12 min) | 5 Reasons Companies are Ditching their Contract Management System

from TD Bank, UnitedLex, ContractRoom and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to learn:   Answers to user adoption issues facing most organizations How leading organizations  align...

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On-Demand IACCM Webinar: 5 Reasons Companies Are Ditching Their Contract Management System

On-Demand Webinar! Duration: 1 hour Contracting professionals are frustrated with failed contract management  implementations or systems that cannot keep pace with the growth and...

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On-Demand Webinar: Accelerate Oil & Gas Deal Productivity with Next-Gen Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Oil and Gas agreements frequently involve multiple parties, the negotiation of complex provisions, and numerous compliance issues.

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