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What’s the right software for my company?

With so many options in the market, buying new software to fulfill a specific need in your company can be dream—or a nightmare. So, where to start? What do I need to know? What...

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Free eBook: Essential Principles of Software Selection

Download ContractRoom's new free eBook - Essential Principles of Software Selection here:

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Is your corporate IT strategy expired?

Defining a corporate IT strategy can be one of the most difficult feats undertaken by corporate managers today.  The IT landscape is continually changing with new software and...

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True or False: “No one ever gets fired for buying IBM”?

'No one ever gets fired for buying IBM’ is a well-known phrase. This brilliant branding tactic suggested that choosing the larger, more established option, was the right decision...

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6 tips for software selection: a consultative approach

Where does one start when trying to select the right corporate software to achieve a goal or fulfill a need within a business?  There are currently so many different corporate...

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