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Predictive Agreement, negotiation, purchasing process ...

How your purchasing process is costing you more than you think

The rise of predictive agreementTM

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The case for automating Statements of Work

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negotiation, deal desk software, contract lifecycle management software ...

Is your sales deal desk software the right solution?

Deal desks for sales teams are found throughout many industries and can range in size and complexity.  Some examples include those for enterprise technology sales and more...

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negotiation, switch tracking

What is Switch Tracking and how does it affect negotiations?

Switch Tracking is a pattern in conversations where one person’s reaction to feedback from the other changes the topic of conversation.  Two people having a conversation start to...

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negotiation, Contract Management, Thanksgiving

Negotiation at the dinner table

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negotiation, negotiating strategies, contract management

Optimizing 5 negotiation strategies for better agreement

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