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Why Should You Move Your Negotiation Process Online?

Contract Management software solutions exist to solve contract management headaches. Yet the negotiation process, typically the most difficult and high-stakes stage of the...

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3 ways the practice of corporate law is changing

There’s no denying it, the entire business landscape is being changed by various factors, and corporate law is not immune from this transformation.  In the past decade or so, the...

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How to speed up the corporate decision-making process

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Some of the surprising ways technology will affect future negotiations

There has been a lot of discussion about how new technologies such as online negotiation and contract management software are changing the process of getting deals done - either...

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How to leverage reverse psychology in negotiations

Leveraging reverse psychology in negotiations with the aid of contract management software

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Effective contract management in the healthcare industry

If you work in the healthcare industry in a legal capacity your concerns on a day to day basis most properly include the following:

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