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machine learning, AI, Artificial Intelligence

A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence

 A short history of AI: AI and its growing impact business and law

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contract management, machine learning, natural language processing

How will machine learning and NLP disrupt contract management?

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Contract Management, machine learning, pharma ...

The perfect pill for contract management in Pharma

Contracting in large-scale Pharma - regulation, compliance and contract management in the pharmaceutical context

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negotiation, Contract Management, machine learning ...

How to leverage reverse psychology in negotiations

Leveraging reverse psychology in negotiations with the aid of contract management software

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Predictive Agreement, Contract Management, machine learning ...

How big is your negotiation data? and is your machine learning?

What big data is there in contract management and how may it be leveraged?

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Predictive Agreement, Contract Management, machine learning

What do music, ants and contract management all have in common?

Music, ants and contracts seem worlds apart.  However. recently I listened to an NPR ted talk where Professor Deborah Gordon (, a Stanford...

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