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Best Practices for Legal Drafting | ContractRoom

When you picture a contract in your mind’s eye, you probably imagine a two things: paper and words. Specifically, a lot of paper, and a lot of words. However, with the...

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Balancing Plain Language and Legalese | ContractRoom

Contrary to what might first appear to be the case, long, dense contracts filled with legalese are not necessarily more thorough and do not necessarily do a better job at offering...

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Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Modules | ContractRoom

Contracts have a well-known reputation for being dense, technical, and even completely incomprehensible–and historically, people expect contracts to be baffling fine print that...

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Free eBook: A Short History of Legal Drafting

Download your free eBook on A Short History of Legal Drafting here:

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A short history of legal drafting (Part 3)

Innovative approaches to standardizing contracts 

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A short history of legal drafting (Part 2)

Modern legal language and the future of legal drafting A push towards Plain English language and a push back? Read Parts 1 and 3 of this aricle series here: Part 1...

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