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Contracting Process Data-Based | ContractRoom

Holy Grail versus Paper Trail: Over the past 12 months, we have spoken to a lot of businesspeople, from the C-level suite, to the sales front line, to the legal team. Everyone...

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Fundraising from Friends and Family

ContractRoom Co-Founder & CFO, Peter Thomson shares solid advice for anyone trying to raise start-up money from friends and family in his recent post in StartUp America's blog....

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Time To Team Up And End Contract Clean-Up

  Nathan Feldhacker

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Cloud-based Software Solves Problem | ContractRoom

  Emil Stefanutti - ContractRoom's CEO

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Check out ContractRoom's new short Video! 

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The User Wins with SaaS Enterprise Software

Great article on Venturebeat by Jeetu Patel. The ABCs of Enterprise SaaS demonstrates how the enterprise user wins with an easy-to-use and implement solution, simple front end,...

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