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Contract Lifecycle Management, contract management

Keys to Successful Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract lifecycle management sounds about as exciting as ... well, ok, it doesn't sound particularly exciting at all. But excitement or not, as a business leader, you know...

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contract management, legal drafting, natural language processing

Balancing Plain Language and Legalese | ContractRoom

Contrary to what might first appear to be the case, long, dense contracts filled with legalese are not necessarily more thorough and do not necessarily do a better job at offering...

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Workflow Automation, contract management, standardization of contract language ...

Contract Writing Best Practices: The Argument for Standardization

Contract standardization has a history that is almost as long as contracts themselves. Due to the complexity of contracts as well as to the legal aspects of contracts, businesses...

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contract management, contracts, HBO's Silicon Valley

Contracting in HBO’s Silicon Valley

The third season of HBO's Silicon Valley is now complete and Pied Piper has just released its product to market. Several hurdles have been overcome in the journey to this level of...

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contract management, commercial contracts, brexit

4 Companies set to benefit from Brexit

The referendum held on 23 June 2016 to decide whether or not the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union caused quite a ruckus when the results came back. The result, 52%...

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Free eBook: What the Future Holds for Contract Management

Download ContractRoom's new free eBook - What the Future Holds for Contract Management:

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