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How effective is collaboration in negotiations with contract lifecycle management software?

Most general counsel and procurement officers would probably agree that collaboration in contract negotiations is a challenge even when all parties are in the same room. So what...

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Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Panama Papers

What can be learned from the Panama Papers about the Cloud?

The Panama Papers and the security benefits of the Cloud?

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6 tips for software selection: a consultative approach

Where does one start when trying to select the right corporate software to achieve a goal or fulfill a need within a business?  There are currently so many different corporate...

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Security and Safety for Cloud Software: Is the Cloud Secure?

We have all seen the headlines, each week it seems like another major business’s reputation is at stake due to a data breach of some kind, costing thousands  of customers their...

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How to stop redlining in its tracks

How the new wave of contract management software is reducing time spent negotiating Is it possible to use data analytics and clause standards to make the contract negotiation...

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3 fun facts about the Cloud [Video]

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