The different personalities in the contract management process



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The different personalities in contract management

As in any field there are many different human personalities in the contract management process space.  When there’s a clash of personalities the work environment can become tense causing friction and this can have an impact on productivity. Here are a few tips for getting along with some of the different personalities you may find in a contract management work environment based upon the DisC Model - a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.

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Dominant: These are those who are quick to make decisions and are always ready to assume leadership. People with this personality type place emphasis on accomplishing results and the bottom line and confidence. This kind of employee excels at identifying ineffective practices while setting appropriate goals and planning for the future i.e. project management. However, they can be blunt when presenting their opinions and ideas.  This is particularly so when working with more “passive” workers who can feel they are being steamrolled or their voices are not being heard.  

If you identify with this executive personality type, it is important to remember to listen to your colleagues and to make them feel heard before implementing major process or procedure changes.  When working with or for an dominant personality type, it may help to remember not to take any officiousness you experience from these types personally.  If you disagree with the way they are managing a project or implementing a change speak up - make a time to discuss your position and explain your reasons for your opposing viewpoint.  Executives may well very much appreciate your contribution and explanation as they value your drive.  

In a contract management practice, having a good contract management software solution that captures data both about the contracting and the behavioral patterns of your inside team negotiators and counterparties can be both a positive thing for the Dominant type of worker and the relationships they have their team members.  This is because decisions they make about the contract management practice of the organization can be based on evidence of how previous procedures have performed in practice.  Also future initiatives can be measured for their performance effectively.  Due to this, it is easier for Dominant types to explain to their teams why they are pushing for certain changes and perhaps not others and as a result appear less “dictatorial”.

The Influencers, on the other hand, are ingenious, creative, outspoken, quick, and resourceful. This personality type places emphasis on influencing or persuading others, openness and relationships.  They are good at reading others’ reactions and emotions, and due to this can be assets in any contractual negotiation or contract management practice leadership position. They can get excited easily and their enthusiasm can be contagious. However, Influencers can lack long-term planning, administrative skills and attention to detail.  If you are an Influencer working in a contract management capacity it will help to identify those tasks with which you most struggle and come up with routines for completing these methodically.  A colleague who is more process orientated (perhaps an Introvert) may be able to assist you with this.  It may also be a good idea to invest in a contract management software system which automates a lot of the work which is mundane, repetitive and error prone.  Using such a system will also benefit colleagues who may get frustrated with the errors you may make when completing these tasks manually.

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Those who are Steady in their work style place emphasis on cooperation, sincerity and dependability.  These personality types are loyal team members who are good at cooperating with others and are consistent with their work output.  However, they may have a tendency to be a little indecisive, overly accommodating and to avoid rather than embrace change.  They also are not naturally self-promotional and this can mean they advance more slowly in their careers than do other personality type workers. Those with the Steady work style can benefit from developing their ability to confront others about things with which they disagree and to promote themselves.  Those working with the Steady type will get better results and build a better working relationship when they approach them amicably, express interest in them, set clear expectations, provide time for clarification, are polite and non-confrontational.

In the contract management context, the Steady type who are team leaders will benefit from setting up a clear reporting system so they can see that status of all the tasks their team are working upon.  This will assist them as setting expectations in this way will lead to less confrontations with their team members when tasks are not being performed and less likely that things will fall through the cracks.  A good contract management system will have “workflow” and task management tools that automatically prompt individuals at the appropriate time to complete tasks during the negotiation and execution stages.  Such systems will also provide “control tower” views so a manager of a contracting team can visualize where each of their team members are in carrying out their duties.

Finally, the Conscientious personality type places an emphasis on quality and accuracy, expertise and competency.  They usually are excellent at execution, are dependable, realistic, and responsible. They are able to make plans and stick to them, make logical decisions, and be thorough in processes that require focused attention. They can also excel at finding loopholes, ways to save money, and identifying critical errors that could become issues in a contract being negotiated. However, they have trouble delegating tasks, making quick decisions and compromising where necessary for the good of the team.

The Consciousness worker type can benefit in a similar way to the Steady type by setting up clear reporting processes for any contract management team they manage.  Having such systems in place from the beginning will save them from having to delegate task on the run and make quick decisions about problems that may have arisen from critical task being missed.  Like the Steady type, the Conscientious worker in the contract management space could benefit greatly from a contract management system that automates these processes with workflow and task management tools.

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So there you have 4 personality types that you may find in the contract management space and some ideas for how to optimally work with all of them.  An interesting company, Crystal Knows, pulls data from the internet such as social media profiles on LinkedIn to build a description of the personality type of particular people.  It then provides you with tips on how to best engage with that person.  It’s well worth checking out at

What are your thoughts?  Have you explored personality profiles to improve your contract management practice?  What were the results?

ContractRoom wants to help everyone have a happy contracting experience and would be delighted to assist in helping your workers build better working relationships.  

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