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Katie Cook


by Katie Cook

San Mateo, CA - May 24, 2016 - ContractRoom is excited to announce that it has been named LegalTech’s Collaboration Tool of the year for LegalTech News’ Innovation Awards 2016 -  There were close to 200 nominations for the awards. The judges were comprised of editors from Legaltech News and The Recorder.

Emil Stefanutti, CEO and co-founder of ContractRoom said, “We are honored to be recognized by LegalTech News as the leader in the collaboration space.  Our mission at ContractRoom is to make the world more agreeable and we are doing that by reducing the friction, redlines and problems with version control”.

Until now collaboration has been done with emails, redlines and sometimes what seems like endless back-and-forth.  ContractRoom has Award - LegalTech innovationchanged the way both internal and external collaboration and negotiation is done.

ContractRoom is a cloud-based Collaboration Tool that changes the way deals get done and how decisions are made.  Two features set it apart from other products in this space that all are relevant to and assist with collaboration.  These are:

  1. Control over multiparty, conditional Collaboration - both for communication and editing; and
  2. Ability to capture and leverage transactional and behavioral data for Predictive AgreementTM.

ContractRoom’s controls over multiparty, conditional collaboration including automated contract workflow processes. This means if your contracting process requires a number of different people to review and approve parts of the contract at specified times those people will be alerted to their duties at automatically at the appropriate time.  

ContractRoom also allows for better collaboration by learning over time how to best communicate and interact with your internal team members and externally with your counterparties (e.g., customers, vendors). It does this by capturing both transaction and behavior data related to the contracting process, and in turn drives more Predictive AgreementTM.  Collaborators no longer have to operate in a vacuum; instead, they benefit from the “collective intelligence” of their peers and can collaborate in a more informed way so as to achieve better business outcomes.

More About ContractRoom

ContractRoom is the world's smartest contract lifecycle management platform. It is an enterprise, cloud-based negotiation and contracting application that is improving the way deals get done and decisions are made - for any business buying, selling, hiring and recording activities

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Katie Cook

Katie Cook

Katie Cook is Director of Marketing, Communications and Legal Standards at ContractRoom. Originally from the east coast of Australia, she has a background as an Attorney having practiced in both public and private practice in Brisbane and Melbourne. Katie completed studies in journalism and is now combining her legal and writing skill sets in her role.

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