Aragon Research: ContractRoom could change the marketspace

Katie Cook


by Katie Cook

San Mateo, CA - May 24, 2016 - ContractRoom could transform the market space according to Aragon Research

Aragon Research recently released its Digital Transaction Management and Content Management Technology Arc 2016.aragon - award innovator

“DTM is a growing category, which naturally invites innovation and new entrants. Basic DTM, which is about e-Signatures, is still how enterprises get introduced to DTM. Often, once enterprises get a taste of the success and ease of deploying basic DTM, they want more,” said Jim Lundy in a recent Aragon Research blog article which can be read here -  This is where Advanced DTM comes in.

ContractRoom was classified in the report as having the potential impact to transform the market space in two separate categories and in two separate “arcs”:

  1. Advanced DTM in the emerge space (the only company included in this category that has an end-to-end contracting solution); and
  2. DTM in the adopt space (the only company included in this category that has an end-to-end contracting solution).

This report profiles companies in various categories of technology falling under the overarching categories of DTM and ECM.  It categorizes them into three phases or “arcs” of maturity - Emerge, Adopt and Mature. The report also classifies the potential impact of theses technologies - e.g., whether they have the potential to transform the market space to which they belong.

Aragon defines “Advanced DTM” as a technology category that “involves complex document processes, including, but not limited to, document assembly, routing, integration into other applications, and workflow both upstream and downstream from the decision, approval, or signature”.  It describes DTM as “a business application that focuses on fully digital document transactions” - “DTM business processes involve people, documents, data, and transactions both inside and outside the enterprise”.

We are truly honored to be recognized by Aragon Research as a transformative technology! Our mission is to make the world more agreeable by taking all the pain out of building agreement - the unnecessary back-and-forth, redlining and endless emails - and make a way forward for happy contracting by leveraging machine learning to deliver Predictive AgreementTM!” said Emil Stefanutti, CEO of ContractRoom.

According to Aragon Research - “Digital Transaction Management (DTM) has emerged to become one of the fastest ways to transform an enterprise by getting rid of paper processes ... The push to keep business processes completely digital has both transformative and disruptive business potential, and DTM is one of the enablers to make this happen.” 

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The full report by Aragon research can be accessed here: .

About ContractRoom

ContractRoom ( is the world's smartest contract lifecycle management platform. It is an enter

prise, cloud-based negotiation and contracting application that is improving the way deals get done and decisions are made - for any business buying, selling, hiring and recording 

activities. Uniquely, it analyzes past transaction and behavior data using machine learning techniques - in doing so, providing what it calls Predictive AgreementTM. Negotiators no longer have to operate in a vacuum; instead, they can benefit from the “collective intelligence” of their peers, which will in turn lead to faster deal-making and better business outcomes. 

About the author

Katie Cook

Katie Cook

Katie Cook is Director of Marketing, Communications and Legal Standards at ContractRoom. Originally from the east coast of Australia, she has a background as an Attorney having practiced in both public and private practice in Brisbane and Melbourne. Katie completed studies in journalism and is now combining her legal and writing skill sets in her role.

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