3 fun facts about the Cloud [Video]

Katie Cook


by Katie Cook

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1. The concept of Cloud Computing was born and has evolved since the 1950s

The evolution of the Cloud started with technology in the 1950s that allowed multiple users to access a central computer with data processing capabilities through display monitors that had no processing capabilities of their own.

This is a good Info-graphic showing the history of the Cloud:


2. The Clouds have data centers and this is what they look like:

Here is a CBS news video that shows Google’s Data Center


 3. It's not yet clear who will be the front-runner in the Cloud

Unlike other IT and web solutions there is not yet a clear winner in the Cloud stakes.  Although Amazon Web Services (AWS) could be said to currently dominate the field (its revenue from Cloud computing services currently is more than IBM, Microsoft, Google and Salesforce combined), it is starting to experience stiffer competition from other companies investing more in this form of technology. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are its two fiercest competitors.  But AWS also faces competition from IBM, Cisco, The Cloud Foundry and Oracle among others.  It will be exciting to watch this space to see which of these moves to the lead.  

Do you have any fun facts about the Cloud that you would like to share? Post them below.

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