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Sarah Aswell

Sarah Aswell is a freelance writer and content strategist who writes about small business, content marketing, and legal issues, among many other topics. She earned an MFA in creative writing from the University of Montana and has a background in journalism and publishing. She lives in Missoula, Montana with her husband and two daughters.
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supply chain, mitigate risks

5 Strategies for Planning for Risk and Uncertainty in the Supply Chain

Planning for Risk and Uncertainty in the Supply Chain: 5 Strategies

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globalization, supply chain management

4 Benefits & 6 Challenges with a Globalized Supply Chain

With the advent of the internet and other technologies, the improvement of transportation infrastructures, and significant developments in trade, the world has gotten much, much...

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supply chain, supply chain management, sustainability

5 Steps Toward Achieving Sustainability in the Supply Chain

In the past, supply chain management has valued efficiency, accuracy, and economy over all else. However, in recent years, sustainability has gained an increasing amount of...

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big data, supply chain, supply chain management

15 ways big data is transforming supply chain management

15 Ways Big Data Analytics can help improve the Supply Chain and 3 potential barriers

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Procurement Contracting, contract management software, supply chain ...

6 Ways the Supply Chain has Transformed in the Last 20 Years (part 2)

Last week we wrote about 3 of the ways the supply chain has changed in the last 20 years.  This week we continue this article series with a further 3 ways and consider what supply...

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Procurement Contracting, supply chain, supply chain management ...

6 Ways the Supply Chain has Transformed in the Last 20 Years (part 1)

The basic tenants of supply chain management have remained static throughout time and will not change in the foreseeable future: it will always involve the flow of goods,...

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