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Peter Thomson

Peter has been involved in technology since he developed his 1st product for the legal industry in 1987 - a case management system called CaseTrack. But didn't stop there, and has continued to push for innovation and disruption to make processes more efficient and just plain happier!
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Contract Lifecycle Management, Contract Management, contract lifecycle management software ...

How CLM Software Differs from Basic Contract Management

We're dating ourselves here, but do you remember when the SAT Verbal section had analogy questions? If so, we have a good one for you (and, if you don't, well, then lucky you)....

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Contract Lifecycle Management, Contract Management, contract management system ...

Why Your Contract System Should Live in a Contract Lifecycle Management Platform

Let's talk about your business's contract system. By contract system, we mean how your business administers and manages its contracts from inception to termination. Every business...

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Contract Lifecycle Management, Contract Management, ContractRoom ...

How to Leverage Contract Analysis to Improve Your Contracting

If your business is like most enterprises, contract data represents a precious but largely untapped resource. If you knew that rich deposits of gold rested just below your feet,...

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Contract Lifecycle Management, contract lifecycle management software, contract lifecycle software ...

IACCM Provides Third-Party Tool for Finding the Right Contract Management system

International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) Provides New Comparison Tool for Contract Lifecycle Management Systems

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ISDA agreements, international swaps and derivatives transactions, Futures contracts

Contract Lifecycle Management Systems | ContractRoom

A robust contract management system should be able to handle any type of contract.  However, the value proposition of contract management software differs substantially for...

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silicon valley, start-up

Why I moved my start-up from Miami to Silicon Valley

On the move to Silicon Valley

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