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Charlene Dickey

Charlene Dickey is ContractRoom’s VP of Enterprise Sales, joining the company from Apttus. Charlene brings special expertise in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and more than 25 years of experience guiding enterprise customers to transformative technology solutions.
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Benefits of Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Every day, business leaders hear sales pitches for tools and solutions that promise to optimize their business performance. There is a certain appeal to finding a "magic bullet"...

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How to Determine the Best Contract Lifecycle Management Software For You

You've heard of contract lifecycle management software, and you like the idea in concept. But now you want to know: what is the best contract lifecycle management software for...

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The Best Contract Management Software_2

Contract Lifecycle Management, Contract Management, contract lifecycle management software ...

Finding the Best Contract Management Software for Your Business

Contracts play a critical role in the operation of any enterprise, but for some, they represent veritable lifeblood. When doing business revolves around high-volume,...

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How to Build the Internal Business Case for CLM Solutions

With so many types of software solutions competing for attention and budget, gaining buy-in for a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution requires a solid business case...

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Why Should You Move Your Negotiation Process Online?

Contract Management software solutions exist to solve contract management headaches. Yet the negotiation process, typically the most difficult and high-stakes stage of the...

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Contract Management

Contract Lifecycle Management, Contract Management, contract lifecycle management software ...

What is Contract Management? (and why should you automate it)

   The ability to negotiate and execute contracts is crucial to the success of any business, no matter the size or industry. Contracts don't simply allow companies to complete...

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