IACCM Provides Third-Party Tool for Finding the Right Contract Management system

Peter Thomson


by Peter Thomson

International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM)

Provides New Comparison Tool for Contract Lifecycle Management Systems

clark-01Besides providing a contract management system ourselves, we’re also big advocates for transforming the way all contracts are created and managed. We think the world would be a better place if every company replaced old-fashioned contract processes with an automated solution -- even if (gasp!) they don’t choose ours.

That’s why we’re excited to let you know about two valuable resources from the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management. In collaboration with Capgemini, IACCM has created a report and, better still, an online advisory tool, to identify solutions that address your priorities.

Describing the reasons behind this initiative, IACCM President told ContractRoom:

"Modern technology is providing insights we never had before. Among them is the fact that contracts are fundamental instruments in delivering economic and social value. Manual processes compromise results. By limiting visibility and usability, they deprive organizations of a critical operational tool, so they remain stuck in a cycle where the main value of contracts is protection of loss, rather than the achievement of gain".

ContractRoom, along with other software vendors, provided information to IACCM for the advisory tool. But as IACCM states below, no fees were paid to them by us or any vendor.

Contract Automation Report

Developed in partnership with Capgemini, this report will help you to understand the evolving contract automation market, identify the solutions that are available today, and make informed decisions when selecting a system.

Against 14 key capabilities, each solution has been independently reviewed and assessed. As this was an uncommissioned analysis (no one was paid a fee), you will benefit from a unique unbiased perspective.

Contract Automation Software Comparison

Access a free online tool that enables you to specify your requirements and identify the most relevant contract automation software solutions available on the market today.

This unique tool gives potential customers the chance to evaluate vendor solutions that meet their specific criteria – and “unlike other comparison tools, the service is totally fee-free and unbiased."

Here are a few of the questions that you will answer in the software selection tool, https://software.iaccm.com/:

  • Which of the following capabilities do you need the software to support?
  • Which of the following functions do you need the software to support?
  • Which of the following contract types do you need the software to support?

The report and selection tool can be great for raising awareness in your organization of the importance of automating contract management, as well as for clarifying your specific needs and discovering solution options.

Check them out at this link! https://www.iaccm.com/resources/contract-management-software

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Peter Thomson

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