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by ContractRoom

Have you ever uttered the words painless – or better yet, happy – and contracting in the same sentence? Probably not, and you wouldn’t be alone. Even the savviest business and legal minds know that getting to a signed contract is a tedious, friction-oriented process. Additionally, the legal landscape is constantly evolving, meaning that business owners, corporate execs and their legal counsel (GCs) need stay current with the regulatory environment as well as staying on top of current industry trends and emerging technologies. Sound painful?Doesn’t have to be.

Digital transaction management tools will be changing the enterprise landscape, and ContractRoom is leading the charge by making the contracting process painless and effortless – and we did it with enterprise-grade functionality, but without a clunky design and sticker shock!

So, why is our approach and solution a must for companies of all sizes? Unlike others, we didn’t want stick another Band-Aid on the problem; instead, we decided to build a digital environment, the ContractRoom, to remove the pain - buyers and sellers (and legal, finance, ops) benefit from structured negotiations, multiparty collaboration and rich contract analytics. In the ContractRoom, there’s really no room for “monkeying” around – everyone’s kept on task around the clock, and the data capture from beginning-to-end has our clients doing backflips, as they can continuously improve their process.

Furthermore, there's No ugly redlining. No revenue leaks. No missed renewals. No surprise content, as when someone turns off “Track Changes”. Imagine having a happy contracting process and a happy ending—an ironclad, closed contract—and in the process avoiding such time and resource killers as re-drafting and redlining.

This may seem like a radical idea to businesspeople and their legal counsel who have become numb to the amount of contract legalese that they filter through on a daily basis – constantly reviewing, revising, and executing, and then have to do over and over again. Sound like Groundhog Day?… Doesn’t have to be.

By allowing multiple parties to collaborate real-time pre- and post-contract execution, the overall negotiation/closing process goes faster and task management can be automated. In this way, ContractRoom lets you collaborate, contract and comply more effectively on all your repeatable business transactions.

Are you ready to make your contracting process happy and painless? Heck, we want to help remove the worry, and get you a good night’s sleep! Watch a 2-minute video of a specific use case,, or click here to schedule a free, live demo: Let's Talk

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