It’s Time to Create a Contracting Resolution/Revolution!



by ContractRoom

It’s Time to Create a Contracting Resolution/Revolution… with the right way to collaborate, contract & comply. 

Let’s be honest—the contracting process hardly feels like it’s ready for a revolution, or even an evolution for that matter. But that’s only because the confusing legalese and the endless redlining has beaten down anyone who has ever gone through a contract negotiation.

We say no more inefficiency with the contracting process. It’s time to revolutionize the way contracts get done (from agreement building through execution and beyond).

Why Should You Join the Revolution?

Any business that uses contracts is a potential revolutionary. Not sure if that is you? Here are some common scenarios that we help you eliminate:

  1. You pride yourself on getting to a handshake very quickly. But when it comes to executing a written contract, things lag. It just takes forever to get through the drafting and approval process. Meanwhile, you’re watching your revenue drift farther away.
  2. You aggressively negotiate amazing benefits, terms, and deals into your contracts. Yet, you realize your company never seems to take advantage of all that hard work – with little to no reusability of structured data or automation. Renewal opportunities slip, discounts are missed, and you end up right back at the negotiation table.
  3. You seem to write custom contracts every time, even though you have standard terms and clauses. There are so many versions of the language floating around, though, you have no idea what the most recent version is—and if your terms are still in compliance with any regulatory requirements.

ContractRoom puts an end to the nonsense, making these 3 common scenarios a distant memory.

These scenarios—and a host of others that you probably experience—are often the result of using a “home-grown” system, or having to cobble together several fragmented systems and tools (like Excel and Word), or worse yet, overpaying for a “one-trick pony” contract management system to somewhat support your business negotiations and contracting activities.

This is where the revolution starts. ContractRoom will change all of that. There is no need to keep monkeying around with ill-conceived or ill-fitted solutions.

Give ContractRoom a Try

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve already received several accolades:

  • placed us #2 on their list of “9 Must-See Enterprise Products”
  • TechRepublic placed us in their "5 Enterprise Startups to watch”
  • Named one of "5 Things General Counsel Should Learn For 2014” by UpCounsel
  • Finalist for Most Promising Start-Up of the year by Cloud Awards
  • MobileCast refers to our solution as “DocuSign on steroids" and “Workday for contracts”

So give us a look. We’d love to show you how ContractRoom can put an end to the friction and frustration!

As the saying goes, "seeing is believing", so click here to schedule a free, live demo: Let's Talk


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