Resolve to make contracting painless in 2015



by ContractRoom

Late-January is still plenty early to make a New Year's Resolution. How about resolving to end the monkey business with contracts? That’s right, if you’re like us, then you probably want to stop all the nonsense involved in the current contracting process and make it more pleasant—or at least painless—for everyone involved.

Chances are, when you look at your desired business outcomes for the coming year, changing how you negotiate contracts isn’t on the list. But we think it should be, because your contracting process sets the tone for every business engagement, whether you’re the buyer or seller. A cumbersome process mired in endless rounds of revisions, where it quickly becomes impossible to know who has changed what, or whether the necessary changes have even made it into the most recent document. This inefficiency doesn’t serve anyone’s best interest.

  • Imagine how your business would change if you didn’t spend time in the endless negotiations and ineffective redlining of contracts.
  • Imagine if by automating the routine tasks associated with contracting you could eliminate the confusion and errors inherent in customizing every contract negotiation.
  • Imagine that in moving from a paper to a fully digital process you could capture and manage data that improved all of your business outcomes.

We are ContractRoom and we have created a cloud platform that does all of this and more.

What is ContractRoom? Well, MobileCast refers to us as “DocuSign on steroids" and “Workday for contracts.” But we are much more than that. We are about creating a revolution by removing the friction between business outcomes and legal requirements so you can efficiently execute and manage contracts.

ContractRoom is a complete digital platform for any business-to-business engagement. It allows you to:

  • Collaborate seamlessly across corporate and international boundaries.
  • Automate 100% of drafting and document buildup.
  • Control tasks and performance for all contract commitments.
  • Structure all negotiation data during contracting process.

This user-friendly platform will transform your business, while making your lead negotiators more informed and productive!

Want to learn more? In this demo video, one of our founders, Emil Stefanutti, shows you how Contract Room works: 

What are your biggest challenges with negotiating and executing contracts? What would you change if you could? Let us know. Chances are, ContractRoom does it.

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