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Holy Grail versus Paper Trail:

Over the past 12 months, we havImagee spoken to a lot of businesspeople, from the C-level suite, to the sales front line, to the legal team. Everyone feels the pain of the contracting process. And what is the basis of this pain? Trying to control paper.

Why in an era that we pay for a coffee with our Smartphone, our light bill with a keystroke, and handwritten checks are almost obsolete, are we still slaves to paper in the negotiation and contracting process?

Don’t know? We didn’t either. That’s why we created ContractRoom.

ContractRoom is data-based rather than paper-based. As one Senior Counsel from a Fortune 500 tech company said, “Capturing the data rather than trying to control paper is the Holy Grail of contracting.“

Before ContractRoom, companies tried to automate contracting by combining and integrating different software tools with offline manual processes. The result? Data and control were lost, there was no visibility into deal-making activity, and things simply fell through the cracks.

ContractRoom automates the entire contracting process:
• Need to keep track of who has to see and approve the offer? Done
• Not sure you're seeing the most recent version? You only see the most recent version.
• Need input on the counterparty or your team member’s change? ContractRoom has a comment feature
• Can’t make sense of redline changes from different people? That will never happen again
• Need a history of comments, changes, and approvals? Done and timestamped
• Pain getting signatures from your team? ContractRoom contacts signers so you don't have to
• Tired of administrating the email, recording, and archiving process? Done
• Can’t find a contract? Contracts will never go missing again
• To manage contract deliverables, do you enter key terms after a contract is completed into another platform? ContractRoom does this for you!
• Do you need to remind users to stay on task and do what they are supposed to do? That's ContractRoom's job.

The paper process slows business, and creates administrative burden and costly errors. ContractRoom is the first-to-market singular, digital, software platform for all your agreement and contracting needs. It truly is the holy grail of contracting; completely paperless, totally secure, legally binding, and error free. Why not try it out? We have an easy login process to start negotiating demo contracts immediately. Click here to get started.

About ContractRoom
ContractRoom is a revolutionary, cloud-based technology that is transforming the way businesses collaborate, negotiate, transact, and contract. ContractRoom is the first-to-market, singular software platform that automates and streamlines the entire contracting process. It allows any contract or agreement to be negotiated, closed, signed, stored, and managed with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and in any language. ContractRoom shortens the time to close a deal, reduces transaction waste, improves accuracy and productivity, mitigates risk, and enhances business control.

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