Truly Cloud-based for the Enterprise?



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After reading "Questions for Peter Levine, Andreessen Horowitz's Enterprise Dude" by Arik Hesseldahl, of All Things D, we would like to comment on on the question presented to Mr. Levine: “SAP and Oracle are buying SaaS companies and talking about how they, too, are running in the cloud.”

ContractRoom Team Comment: Yes, SAP and Oracle are making substantial investments in the Cloud. However, in the case of SAP buying Ariba, which is marketed as Cloud-based, Ariba remains a derivative of a client server system. If a large provider wants to buy into the Cloud, they must buy a system that is designed for the Cloud and is based on the core components of Web 2.0 technology: a) the Web serves as the platform; b) users generate content; c) data is a driving force and; d) creates collective intelligence. Until the enterprise truly embraces these standards, the old guard won’t have to “suffocate” these systems. They will just die on their own by not meeting the expectations of enterprise users who have already fallen in love with the benefits of Web 2.0 consumer applications.

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