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ImageWhen Peter Thomson, CFO at ContractRoom, heard a high-level software exec’s assessment of ContractRoom, he knew he was involved in something big.

“I was having a casual conversation with a corporate strategist at a Tech Giant,” Peter explained. "And when I mentioned what ContractRoom does, he said, 'Your software could potentially impact 80% of businesses. You truly have something innovative and disruptive.'”

“I knew we had something special. But this kind of expert validation was really exciting,” says Peter.

As CFO, Peter is responsible for ContractRoom's finance and administration. He is also spearheading partner relationships, channel sales and raising capital.

A technologist at heart, Peter started up and exited two ventures in the ‘90s, the first in software outsourcing and the second in international telecommunications. He later moved into the financial industry where he worked in private banking, financial planning and M&A. With 20+ years of tech and finance experience, he understands the pain points in negotiations and contracting.

“What really surprised me was the number of people in an organization who would benefit from ContractRoom – from sales to finance to legal,” explains Peter. “As a business professional, I see the platform’s value to the enterprise; it shortens the negotiation time, increases accountability, builds consensus and enables real-time collaboration. ContractRoom is all about improved productivity and a big return on user investment.”

It seems that every conversation about ContractRoom makes Peter even more bullish. “The more feedback I get about ContractRoom, the more we get validated. The negotiation and contracting process is ripe for innovation. I believe we are arriving in the market at the right time, with the right product. We’re ready to make a big impact.”

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