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Can You Pass the Contracting New Normal Test?

Contracting is essential for every organization including many departments.  Legal, procurement, sales, operations, finance and others are all struggling with today’s new normal. ...

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Contract Lifecycle Management, contract management

Keys to Successful Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract lifecycle management sounds about as exciting as ... well, ok, it doesn't sound particularly exciting at all. But excitement or not, as a business leader, you know...

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Benefits of Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Every day, business leaders hear sales pitches for tools and solutions that promise to optimize their business performance. There is a certain appeal to finding a "magic bullet"...

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How to Determine the Best Contract Lifecycle Management Software For You

You've heard of contract lifecycle management software, and you like the idea in concept. But now you want to know: what is the best contract lifecycle management software for...

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Contract Management Solutions: Which Level is Best for You?

If dealing with contracts is a regular part of your job, then you know just how difficult and time-consuming creating and managing them can be. The good news is that the new...

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Contract Lifecycle Management, Contract Management, contract lifecycle management software ...

How CLM Software Differs from Basic Contract Management

We're dating ourselves here, but do you remember when the SAT Verbal section had analogy questions? If so, we have a good one for you (and, if you don't, well, then lucky you)....

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