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Emil Stefanutti


by Emil Stefanutti

Welcome_to_ContractRoomWelcome to the future of agreement! The ContractRoom.com website has been rebuilt from the ground up, to be more useful for you. Beyond a fresher, more modern look, the site has been recreated and reorganized to more fully express our vision – to change the way the world reaches agreement.

What will you find on the ContractRoom.com? Information about new ContractRoom capabilities of course. But we will also offer a growing library of resources to help you improve your contracting process, whether or not you are in the market for a smarter contract lifecycle management platform. 

These will include more informative blog posts, new thought leadership white papers and updated e-Books. You can even download best-practice contract templates that you can start using today – no CLM system required.

The contracting process is a huge pain point for companies worldwide, with contract inefficiencies costing companies more than $100 billion every year. Beyond providing the world’s smartest contract lifecycle management platform, we are passionate about helping you reach agreement faster and smarter. So, we’re happy to welcome you to a website designed to do just that.

Let us know what you think!

About the author

Emil Stefanutti

Emil Stefanutti

Emil is the CEO and Co-founder of ContractRoom. He has 20 years as an entrepreneur in tech, media and design. He co-founded Megazines Publications and America Riches and held executive positions at NBA and Batanga Networks. He founded his first profitable startup at age 14. He is Vice-Chairman of Miami Music Project and a board member of EndPoverty.org. Emil earned his degree in Design from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy.

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