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Smart Contract Operations – Faster, More Accurate Way to Process Agreements

In a perfect world, business and legal activity would flow smoothly, employee productivity would be peak levels, and work/life balance would be mandatory. Curiously though, none...

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Configurable Software Applications - the Process

The need for configurable software applications in the large enterprises is becoming more and more of a necessity. Instead of customized solutions, which are essentially company...

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Embracing the new software for transforming Contract Management

Lauren Harriman, J.D., CIPP/US, is a technology law blogger for, the blog she launched during her final year at the University of San Francisco School of...

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How to reduce the 4 main risks in the contract management process

How contract lifecycle management software can help reduce risks in negotiation!

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The case for automating Statements of Work

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Is your sales deal desk software the right solution?

Deal desks for sales teams are found throughout many industries and can range in size and complexity.  Some examples include those for enterprise technology sales and more...

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