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May 11, 2018 12:54:42 PM

In a perfect world, business and legal activity would flow smoothly, employee productivity would be peak levels, and work/life balance would be mandatory.  But, since the world is far from perfect, corporations and their employees must do their best with imperfect environment. However, much of the business world is seeking a transformation of internal operations to achieve greater efficiencies and outcomes. With respect to the operation of business transaction contracting, there are several success stories of corporations embracing technology to help foster and achieve success – the key though is to lay the proper foundation which in some cases requires re-engineering process flows.OGZQE70

Successful operations begin and end with effective leadership and commitment. Without the commitment, dedication and expertise, the transformation is sure to fail. And technology cannot fix a broken process. This is true from the simplest transaction to the most complex negotiation. The example that is set determines the outcome and everyone must be on the same page, working toward the same result.

In a company or entity where business and legal contracting is the norm, streamlined operations are critical. If done right, there’s no doubt you will eliminating this waste and fostering efficiency. And if you can get the design right, then you can really begin to leverage software and analytics to optimize outcomes. However, not all processes and operations lend themselves to automation. But professionals should never be overly reliant on software particularly when it comes to complex negotiations. The human factor should be considered and provisions made for eventualities. Efficiency and streamlining is the goal, but the workforce consists of creative and intuitive individuals, not cogs in an automated wheel.

ContractRoom offers business entities of all sizes and in all industries a software platform for optimal contract operations and management. ContractRoom can keep all workplace documents, including policies and manuals, organized, digitized and updated in real time. It can manage internal workplace contracts as easily as it handles external contracting operations. Companies have a centralized accessible warehouse for critical contracts and documents. 

ContractRoom’s cloud-based online negotiation and contract management software system is a platform that transforms every aspect of contracting, and offers a viable solution to previously deficient methods. With such powerful software, the end results are simple. Goals and objectives are clearly defined and memorialized, everyone stays on track and business gets done.  With ContractRoom, the business world is one step closer to perfection. 

To significantly reduce the cost, timing, and frustration in contract operations, large corporations are turning to ContractRoom for a solution. It’s the smartest contract lifecycle management platform for the enterprise market, optimizing the way we agree. ContractRoom software is uniquely powerful in its ability to transform the user experience (UX) end-to-end and by leveraging AI machine learning to make the “process simple and decisions smart”. This complete CLM approach means every aspect of negotiations and contracting is faster, but with better control – translating to an overall tighter and safer operation. This is helping enterprises with thousands of sales and procurement professionals to drive the contracting process quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.   

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This is the 3rd in a series of 5 blogs on core ‘CLM Modules’:

  1. contract drafting (blog 1)
  2. contract assembly (blog 2)
  3. contract operations (blog 3)
  4. contract management (blog 4)
  5. contract compliance (blog 5)



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