Configurable Software Applications - the Need

Mar 30, 2018 10:18:20 AM

Companies rely heavily on software applications to help with everyday business and
the Need
legal activities to facilitate getting done accurately and timely. But many of these organizations are growing rapidly and their operations are constantly evolving to scale and optimize, so they want and need technology that is configurable. And therefore they are now demanding that their software applications be adaptable, scalable, and flexible not only to their particular business and industry, but also to the individual work styles of their employees so as to enhance productivity and accuracy enterprise-wide. 
Simply put, corporations want technology to make their life easier, without the need to write and rewrite hard code – and therein get “change ordered to death”. These requirements have sparked a need for highly configurable software that maintains industry best practices, while providing solutions to real-world problems and the constantly changing technology environment.
By creating highly configurable applications, developers can reduce the overall cost of an application as well as reduce the impact of constant changes. Change is inevitable in technology, and it must be absorbed seamlessly. In making a software application company agnostic, configurable software applications ensure that any updates are not custom to a specific corporate need and changes are then easily implemented across the user community; therein, avoiding the need for an army of engineers to recode an application at significant recurring cost. When configurability is foremost in the minds of software designers and engineers from the beginning of the development process, end users will benefit in the present and future.
For the area of contract management, the configurability of applications is a game changer. As business and legal best practices and standard language evolve rapidly, companies need a system that can adapt quickly and efficiently. The system should allow for seamless maintenance of contract specific terms, conditions, parties, etc., and with the capability to allow for quick and easy updates to the content and process on a moment’s notice. With configurable software applications, businesses finally have the best choice to allow their contract operations to run at the highest level, while taking into consideration the complexity of their transactions and the uniqueness of their personnel.
ContractRoom offers companies a highly configurable contract lifecycle management platform that is the definition of flexible and has transformed how decisions are made and deals get done in contract negotiations. ContractRoom’s helps organizations agree more and faster! - spending less time on all the endless manual back and forth (internally and externally) involved with a very sequential process of email and MS Word doc hand-offs. Conversely, ContractRoom automates the end-to-end process of building agreement so that it can happen at least 10x faster with complete control for the greatest financial impact. ContractRoom packs a punch with its combination of document assembly, workflow management and contract life-cycle management in a singular, configurable application.
P.S. Ask ContractRoom sales for a free RFP template to get you started on your search for a ‘smart’ contract life-cycle management platform.
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