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Valentina Albarrán Luttinger

Valentina is a Content Analyst at ContractRoom. She uses her law degree, specialist diploma in labor law and current MBA studies to help ContractRoom customers transform contract management and create the future of agreement.
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The Benefits of Contract Risk Management

As individuals, we enter into agreements constantly in our everyday lives. The exchange that occurs when we pay for our coffee every morning is in itself an agreement. The party...

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5 Crucial Best Practices for Tracking Contract Compliance

For most companies, their operational contracting process can be summarized in 4 (allegedly) easy steps: (1) identify need/opportunity, (2) find vendor/customer who aligns best;...

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Take the Pain Out of Document Assembly

Friends don't let friends do manual document assembly. And yet, sadly, old-fashioned document assembly practices still persist. According to a survey by Nitro and the PDF...

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